The Field Guide to Transformation

Field Guide Form

  • (Should this be combined with "how is the system broken") ?
  • Readiness questions:

  • (It might be hard to find, or to move that thing once you find it, but it’s the thing you know would change the game. It's important to identify.)
  • Staging Questions

  • In the Field Guide for Transformation, we believe that the following roles are important to be filled for transformation to happen smoothly. Who are your people you have in each of these roles:

  • People who realize the system is broken and are beginning to look for and work toward a better way
  • A network weaver that moves the whole ecosystem forward
  • This person helps you keep your motives for equity and justice at the forefront
  • A person who can build the new capital vehicle(s) that clears up the blockage in the system
  • Shepherds the key relationships
  • This person socializes the story of the project of system entrepreneur in a community and can help open doors to those in power
  • Often hospitals and/or universities or churches can offer resources and a long term view to take promising system-changing ideas to scale
  • What is your solution?

  • (What kind of catalytic capital is needed? Catalytic capital may be hard to find but it can lubricate the entire systemic change needed.)
  • How confident are you that your solution will:

    (0 - zero confidence; 10 - it will absolutely work)