Why should I attend TRANSFORM?

For Investors:

Investors coming to Transform will receive leading research available on who is investing in projects like regenerative agriculture. Also present will be startups ready for investment that focus on ocean plastics, coral and other climate solutions. Investors will be with us to meet their peers who are learning how to deploy patient capital that can wait until harvest to reap the returns on their investments in community wealth and climate response. They will learn from each other and make lasting professional connections that will result in new deals being done, new companies getting investment and new funds gaining investors, along with new partnerships formed that we help continue.

For Non Profits:

Many non profits that are doing relevant work in the areas of regenerative agriculture, indigenous wealth creation, solving water and sanitation problems, and other areas will be present at Transform. On a case by case basis, non profits may be granted scholarships to attend.

For Students and Academics:

Come to learn what students want to do with their lives as they see people working before and after to cause a change at system scale.

For Brands:

There is a new economy emerging. The sustainable global supply chain system is turning relationships with suppliers at the base of the system from commodities to people, with whom you have relationships of reciprocal value. Come see it first here; it’s coming your way and it’s going to change the way business operates and how it values the people who. produce our products.

For Startups:

Startups will be coming from our sister conference, SEED, the day before. Funds and accredited investors in seed stage companies will also be present to meet startups and share success stories.

For Foundations and CSR Professionals:

We are blending philanthropic, debt and community investment capital, public sector, church and civic sector, crowdfunding, savings circles, etc. in new ways. We’re creating new financial instruments to bridge gaps that create community wealth and health and respond to climate change.

For others:

We are catalyzing change. For thought leaders working in our area you will see phase shifts happen in issues you care about and work in daily. Thought leaders on any issue will want to see a model of a design studio linked to a custom finance foundry, creating new financial vehicles to bridge gaps.

Who is expected in attendance?

This is an intimate event with 200 to 250 people. We will have a wide assortment of regenerative agriculture funds, and some ocean funds present. We will have scores of entrepreneurs. We are crowdfunding for system entrepreneurs who are leading our four labs so their supporters and their whole ecosystems will be there. We will bring the right people into the room to helps the labs reach their goals – and yours.

What is a lab? 

A lab forms when a self identified group with a goal is at the cusp of a phase change in their work to transform particular systems, often in a particular place. They are like a guild on a quest, to borrow a metaphor from the gaming world with a long history. 

We will have four labs at the conference, each working on phase change in a system at different stages. Audrey Selian’s SDG game mapping out how to invest to solve the problem of 1,800 people dying a day from water and sanitation will be coming out of the Theory U accelerator at MIT and will be launching publicly at Transform. People can play the game and the lab will be making it available for people to play in their own cities and towns.

The second lab concerns four companies that have been collaborating on a business operating dashboard for companies that source raw materials and products from indigenous people. Their dashboard creates reciprocal relationships at the base of the supply system, rather than commodity relationships. They want to share findings with the B Corps community they are all a part of. Do they seek grants, or build an investable business model around services? It’s a revolutionary change in how business is done around the world and it’s debuting at Transform.

Regenerate Illinois, a 3rd lab, has decades of relationships with doctors, hospitals, chefs and farmers who want to take regenerative agriculture from farm to table to farm to hospital/institutional food service. Doctors know healthy soil full of microorganisms creates healthy food which creates healthy people who don’t abuse costly emergency rooms so the hospital saves money. They are ready to take their project to scale in a model that will be investable and replicable across the midwest and beyond.6

Do speakers have to buy a ticket?

We asked speakers to pay when we started SOCAP. We knew markets at the intersection of money and meaning needed to be built by all of us and we wanted people who were bought into building a market where you can think like a philanthropist and act like an investor, where two-pocket thinking vanishes away. We think transformation, since the times are so late and our situation so dire, requires the same level of commitment to building the collective intelligence and cooperation that can solve real problems at the speed of climate change.

How is this different from SOCAP?

SOCAP is the world’s largest gathering of impact investors and social entrepreneurs. Everybody shows up. That’s valuable. Transform is creating continuing communities working on particular solutions to problems that we will continue to support. We are crowdfunding for the most important catalyst of real change, the system entrepreneur. We will be going to SOCAP, but also many other events the global community of impact investors and development and community financers go to around the world. These include the European Venture Philanthropy Forum, in Oxford during the Skoll World Forum, Sankalps. We’ll be looking for our cohort of system entrepreneurs with projects ready to launch, grow and scale as well as one new big collaborative success that we explain. 

Transform is about what happens before the conference and after the conference to make change keep happening. The conference is just the onramp.