The Transform Series Conference

TRANSFORM Gathering May 22-24, 2019


The TRANSFORM: Climate, Communities, Capital Gathering is the centerpiece of an always-on convening that includes labs, working groups, and editorial content. Transforming climate, communities, and capital to create a safer, regenerative, more just world is the context for a deep focus on HOW to accelerate these changes.  Transformation requires a fundamentally different mindset and gameplan than sustainability. TRANSFORM equips systems entrepreneurs to move faster, with more confidence.

TRANSFORM delivers:

  1. A gameplan. Members of the gathering will be equipped with a framework and gameplan for TRANSFORMATIVE CHANGE that they can use, test, and report back on throughout the year
  2. Action-based labs for learning. They’ll learn practical applications and lessons through featured Gamechanger Labs that are the heart of the TRANSFORM as a way of showcasing systems change in action – at different levels of maturity (forming to launching through scale, and expansion).. Labs focus on:
    • (Scaling): Regenerative agriculture – funding the transition from conventional to regenerative agriculture in the Midwest
    • (Expanding) Regenerative forestry/community – bringing reciprocity into the supply chain
    • (Scaling) Donor Advised Funds for Good
    • (Launching) Creating a game around SDG water and sanitation goals
    • (Forming) Refugees and communities
  3. Systems Foundations. The gathering shines the spotlight on two of the most critical components of change, particularly important to establish in the early phase of market formation::
    • The systems entrepreneurs (and identifying what it takes to be successful as a systems entrepreneur) and
    • The funders, and in particular the growing category of Regenerative investment funds, highlighted in a first-of-its-kind listing we have researched and compiled
  4. REAL community through connection and inspiration. This gathering is explicitly designed to facilitate connection between members of the community with the goal of driving collaborations, partnerships and action. AND we keep the conversation going after the physical gathering through our TRANSFORM newsletter, labs, follow-on events, and more.

Confirmed organizations attending and speaking include Tides Foundation, ImpactAssets, RSF Social Finance, Ejido Verde, Regenerate Illinois, The New School, Adaptive Edge, Carol Sanford Institute, Reporting 3.0, Innovation Collective, WeFunder, the REgen Network, Association for Enterprise Opportunity, Amalgamated Bank and many others.