About The Transform Series

The Transform Series, from GatherLab, is the latest project from the founders of SOCAP, the conference that turned “impact investing” from a cottage industry to a global force for good. But a new age calls for a new way of looking at and doing things.

GatherLab is focused on taking the world further, beyond sustainability, beyond “impact” as usual. This requires a rethinking of investment, values, frameworks, and tools. And this requires bringing together an unruly, diverse, unlikely set of brilliant, passionate tribes, misfits, and strangers around our signature focus: taking the right kinds of investment to the right entrepreneurs, doing the right things.

And if that right investment, or that right kind of enterprise doesn’t exist…we find a way to create it.

Nothing else right now is looking to invest resources at the intersection of climate and social equity.

Consider our newsletter series as our ongoing take on the best of the thinkers, doers, funders trying to take our world where it needs to go. Come with us. And find your place in the journey.

Our ethos

Climate change is the major issue of our time for rich and poor. At the same time, economic inequality – in many ways fueled by traditional, extractive Wall Street approaches – is nearly as great a risk to society’s well being.

Scientists tell us that scalable regenerative forestry and climate smart organic agriculture are the best ways to respond to climate change that may actually make a difference.

Impact investing could have been the answer. But as it’s come to be defined, it’s facing demands for rapid, market rate returns that can put the good they want to do at risk.

Transformation requires a new kind of investment, capital and new capital structures. Underlying those systems is a new values around time, the source of value, and how that value is valued.


  • …eschew extraction.
  • …believe in leaving more behind than they take away.
  • …believe in good relationships with indigenous people at the base of the supply chain.
  • …empower those on the margins
  • …are creating ways to solve the problems that keep us from being able to build the economy we want to create for our grand children.

Let’s do this. Let’s transform climate, communities, capital, and our futures for generations to come.