About Gather Lab

When we created our previous ventures – SOCAP, the Impact Hub SF, and early stage social investment funds, we were looking to break down the silos and the kinds of thinking that stalled the movement of money to good.

We succeeded. But we’re now seeing that two of our planet’s most urgent challenges – climate change and profound income inequality – require fresh ways of thinking, deeper collaboration, and even bigger, bolder action. It even requires a different set of actors: those who don’t think of themselves as being in “impact” but nonetheless see business and strategic opportunities in addressing the most important issues our planet faces – which are social and environmental.

We also saw that the traditional conference model – with its focus on declaring success after a single, impersonal, content-heavy event – isn’t far-reaching enough to create the kind of change we need to see.

So we created GatherLab. We design and produce innovative convenings, working groups, and experiences that bring together an emerging community of bold, visionary investors, entrepreneurs, and thinkers looking to transform climate, cities/communities, capital – and themselves – for good.

To create the change we need to see, we’ve looked at the most powerful levers for change and created an integrated set of offerings based on them, centering implicitly and explicitly on our Transform theme and working at both the systemic and personal levels.

The Transform Series

A rolling, roving digital and in-person convening that debuts Spring 2019. An in-person gathering that takes conferences to the next level. It includes tracks around oceans, land, communities, finance etc. and also includes SEED, the conference for early-stage social investors.

Transform Labs

Turning a conference from an event to an always-on engine of change. These Labs, Working Groups, and online communities focus on cutting edge capital models to solve the problems that traditional and impact capital don’t address. .

Transform – The Newsletter

A regular newsletter with proprietary and curated content covering all things Transform – climate, communities, and capital.