Aug 10 2019

Take a stand.

Take a stand: That’s the theme of the Transform/Neighborhood Economics conference next Spring in the Twin Cities.

We’re working with people who have solutions that make the economy fairer, that let indigenous people decide the future of their land when working with white investors, that lets people of faith live out their beliefs while unlocking the secret of home ownership for muslims in America. We have solutions that take on collective risk in order to get the money out the door for the neighborhood scale, non tech accelerators working with under-represented communities. That collective will let entrepreneurs who don’t have a rich uncle get the friends and family level funding to launch or expand. Mixed throughout will be a multicultural merchant bank, helping build the custom plumbing the new economy needs.

We are calling all the people or collectives with solutions that make the economy more fair in every neighborhood and that are collective responses to climate change, with a dash of blockchain and holochain. We have replicable solutions to give and share, and we’d love to know about yours. Fill out the field guide and tell us about yourself.