Mar 15 2019

Who Transform Was Built For

I need to come clean about what the Transform event is for me. It’s a chance to make the largely invisible work of system entrepreneurs visible, and therefore fundable, investable and the first job you hire for when you are working at landscape or other system scale. 

When you are making the impact creator who is one step removed from direct impact visible, you are looking at world of #WarmData connections that can best be ordered by collective intelligence and trust building platforms like Showing value across all the 10 Metaintegral capitals along with political capital to all stakeholders is what will get these collective action system shifting projects, like and its practical plan moving. This is based on ten years of relationships to move regenerative agriculture around Peoria Illinois from farm to table to farm to hospital/institutional food service

Also under regenerative agriculture, we now how have the best open searchable database of regenerative funds, and are still adding to it. Plans for it to be housed in an online collaborative due diligence platform we know well, with hundreds of angel investors in its network. We are in talks with a local MBA platform that studies regenerative agriculture to make it a hive of research and study and analysis. The potential is there for a student owned data business cooperative. We are building infrastructure for change makers. We are bringing labs that have great system entrepreneurs and something that is ready for a phase change, to go to launch, to move to expansion, to scaling or replication. The emphasis, our core customer, the people we are designing the event for, are the system entrepreneurs. We want to help them get to next.