Mar 05 2019

Transform is what should always happen after conferences

Our hypothesis : 

Many of us who care about specific issues have learned to come together, at a common event to share thinking, insights, ideas and contact information. We’ve put on world class events that bring thousands of people from scores of countries who want to move capital to the intersection of money and meaning. That’s not enough anymore. 

Unfortunately, the conversation and problem-solving typically ends THERE, leaving a gaping hole in the conversation and more importantly, in the solutions that matter. 

To solve some of our most pressing social challenges, we need to solve the second half of the equation – to move beyond a single event to a transformative series that moves conversation to action, interest to accountability and stakeholders to a broader set of our community. 

How do we not drop the ball after successful convenings and events? Come to Transform; we are going to stay connected after the event, and between events. The Transform Series; it’s what’s next after conferences.